Website Safety:: An Armor That Protects Your Business


Any customer opts for the products which are more secure and reliable. Same thing follows in case of an online business too. Web security issues can adversely hit your business. Spammers and hackers keep an eye on the websites which are famous in offering good service. They hack them and keep the website down until we accept their demands.

What does your host promise?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification is must to protect your website. A good website promises all the other security measures like Safety Locker Services.

Where are the servers located?

Countries like India, US, Sweden are safe, but you should think twice if the location of servers is in countries like Zimbabwe.

  • Keep an eye on your password:

       Please change your password for every three months.

  • Update your CMS and plug-in:

        Remember to install all the safety measures in your system to protect your system from virus   attacks.

  • Keep a backup:

       It is smart to update a backup of websites for two months. Delete the previous backup when you are done with it. If not deleted, you will give a chance to the spammers to attack your business.

  • Database encryption: This is the best way to remain secure. Ask your web host if it provides this facility. This process converts text into unreadable format.
  • An SSL certification:

        This is mandatory as it is the core means of maintaining security of your website.

The safety of your business depends upon the security factors offered by the web host you have opted for. So, you should consider security issues too while opting for a web host. Just forget others and go with 1 Dollar Hosting using MyTrueHost only. This is the only hosting service which will surely help you in growing your business amazingly. For more details, must go up with-

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