Has Your Web Hosting Company Made Many Promises To You That It Cannot Keep?

In order to attract customers many free web hosting providers promise the whole earth and end up by giving nothing.  Many people fall to their promises that they are unable to keep and end up by feeling cheated. It is certainly not good to incite your customers by giving false promises.

Promise to provide Unlimited Disk Storage

One promise that all free web hosting companies make to their customers is to provide unlimited storage space for storing their data. However, they knew that the customers are not likely to the use of huge space to store their data and in case they ask for more space the web hosting companies can always say that they are no longer under the free services and have to buy a hosting plan that is dedicated to their services.

Promise of Free Domain Names

They also promise to give them Domain names free. Now that is a very false promise because domain names need to be registered and one needs to pay a registration fee. If your web hosting services promise free service they are either giving you free registration under their own domain or they are giving you a domain name that is coming under a subfolder or sub domain.  In both cases it is difficult for you maintain your website.

Promise of Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting services also come with another menace that of forced ads that are likely to be put on your website in all places, wherever they find a space.  This makes your website look shabby and unprofessional and if your website is meant to portray your professional efficiency than a website with ad plastered in all free space will present a very unprofessional picture. Well $1 Web Hosting is the best option for the one who just started online venture and having small business..

Keep in mind that when a web hosting company says that it is giving you a lot of free services, like space that is not limited or will register your domain name without charging something, there is bound to be some hidden motive behind all these free gifts. You can rely upon the MyTrueHost ONLY!!!

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