Factors That Affect Hosting On SEO visibility

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SEO is a process of increasing number of visitors to your respective website by obtaining high ranking placement in search results page of a search engine. It is also one of the processes of making your website visible to many people.

What are the main factors that can make your customer happy or unhappy?

  • Loading speed: The first factor is loading speed. No one wants to spend most of their time online waiting for the results to get displayed. An average visitor waits only for eight seconds to find the results. He or she will quit if it takes more time. Hence, loading speed cannot be ignored at all. Hence, your $1 Web Hosting should be in a perfect and amazing condition.

It is better to talk to your host regarding this factor, if you feel your type of website design is not the main cause for the low loading speed. It is true that few templates on your website may force your website to run slow. Hence, this factor should be dealt properly.  Slow loading makes your customer unhappy and there are more chances of losing the brand name of your business.

  • Downtime: The second factor is Downtime. No web host provider gives you 100% downtime but they can provide up to the downtime of 99.9% approximately. MyTrueHost Australia can offer you so amazing 1$ Hosting¬†plan, thus, must opt out the same for better success. Down time is the exact time that your website remains invisible to the users. It is better to ask your host regarding these crucial issues as these factors play a very important role in promoting your business online.

If your website is staying down for more than seven hours a month, contact your host. For more details, must visit to- http://www.mytruehost.com, now.

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