Email Hosting – To Push Your Online Brand

Creating a website to advertise business activities or to search for prospective customers has become a norm.  Your website authenticates your business and announces your presence on the internet.  It makes sense to use your own domain name in the email accounts connected with your domain.

Unlike free email addresses that are sometimes very long and confusing to remember, an email incorporating your domain name, gives you complete control on your online persona.  It makes your email both unique and memorable, and it makes the right impression on the casual visitors and prospective customers.

The domain name is not only simple, but it makes your customers easy to remember your email address.  It is a part of your internet persona, it helps others to remember your email address and also a dedicated email proves the existence of an actual company.  A domain name announces your presence on the internet it validates your existence as a business organization and makes you different from nameless spam messages that feels the inboxes of many internet users.

In other words, apart from acting as a brand an email with your domain address reinforce your online identity, shows that you are a strong contender in your own rights different from the others and strongly establish your business credentials in the eyes of the casual visitors and prospective customers.

Some web hosting services also provide you extra service of receiving emails through a POP mail client, i.e. Outlook, or on your iPhone or other smart phones. These extra services are included in their free web hosting plans.

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