Common Web Hosting Mistakes: Never Do It

Many website creators commit several mistakes when selecting web hosting services.  It is imperative that you analyze your needs and your future growth plans before you enter into an agreement with a web hosting service.

1)      Going for a cheap price or free plan: Most of us jump in when we are offered free hosting services, even before checking the details of the plan.  Sometimes the plan falls short of our needs. Check everything before you sign on the dotted line. Or it is better to go with 1 Dollar Hostingfrom a trusted company like- MYTRUEHOST…

2)     Reseller:  All resellers are not experienced in technical details about server environments and scripts.  Before appointing a reseller for your hosting service, conduct extensive research. Unlimited Reseller Hostingis great to go with too..

3)     Keep a list of website needs:  All businesses grow over a period of time, and it is difficult to forecast the rate of growth.  Maintain an exhaustive list of your website needs, when there is time to upgrade the web hosting, the list of your needs is readily available.

4)     Do not overlook shortcoming:  There is no need to suffer in silence over sloppy working of your web hosting services.  Change the services if their software is not up to date.

5)     Registering several websites with the same hosting service: It is not a good business strategy to put all your eggs in one basket. If you are running several websites with different contents and all of them are income generating websites, use several web hosting services to register them. This step is likely to complicate your accounting procedure, but it is safer to engage two or more web hosting services to register your websites.

6)     Keep contact information:  Do not depend on soft copies of details of your web hosting service provider; keep a hard copy as well with contact numbers in case the server goes down and you need to contact them urgently on the telephone.

7)     Keep your own backup:  Do not rely on the service provider to keep backup details from your websites.  If you have all backup and the website goes down you can easily switch to another service provider

8)    Do periodic checks to see that your host has the latest software:  Do not depend on your service host to keep latest software, regularly check to see if the service provider has the latest software.

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