Choosing The Best Between SSD Hosting And HDD Hosting


When you want to start with your own website to launch your business the it is very much essential to register the domain name of your company so that it is very easy for all the customers to search your website which is a plus point on your side. You should have ample knowledge of getting the hosting services that are beneficial for you and hence try to select between the SSD and HDD hosting.

HDD Hosting

HDD is for hard disk drive which usually store data on platters. It was introduced by the IBM and was found in the year 1956. The mechanical action is responsible for the delayed action time. HDD has lots of space available and the current range is from 500 GB to 4 TB. The cost is very low just up to $50-$200. The performance is very low as compared to SSD. If you are a fresher in the market and your requirement is not much then go for HDD hosting.

SSD Hosting

SSD is for solid state drive which stores data in the microchips. As it has no moving parts it virtually has no delays. The performance is very high and is 100 times faster than HDD. The transfer speed is 5 times the throughput. Limited storage about 250 GB to 1 TB and also the cost is very high, 120 GB is for $100 and 800 GB is for $1000. If your requirement is high, then choose SSD.

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