How To Trace Fraud Hosting Orders?

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Well, these days not only company can do fraud with their customers; even most of the customers can also do fraud with many hosting companies by purchasing hosting services using stolen or hacked credit card details. This post is related with how various small or medium sized hosting company can avoid such sort of fraud which later will cost you a lot.

You must focus on ignoring these types of problems by using the following methods, are-

Check IP before accomplishing the order

You must match up the IP address used for placing orders for hosting with the billing address. Yes, this is the best way which will help you in identifying that a person is fake or genuine one. If it is not matching, you can easily confirm the same by calling or using any other further verification processes.

Confirm email address

This is a second process which must be opted to judge whether the order is fake or not. You can match up email id from the name of a person and credit card details. Link up everything and if you find anything fishy, must proceed with further clarification and verifications.

Consider an order amount

If any person has taken very expensive hosting services other than $1 Web Hosting and he/ she has taken it for 1 year or for more years, don’t be happy for getting such a big order, even you must look at it very seriously and must know the truth by doing genuine procedures.

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