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What Is An IP Address? And Its Role

Has Your Web Hosting Company Made Many Promises To You That It Cannot Keep?

In order to attract customers many free web hosting providers promise the whole earth and end up by giving nothing.  Many people fall to their promises that they are unable to keep and end up by feeling cheated. It is certainly not good to incite your customers by giving false promises. Promise to provide Unlimited […]

Must Go With Thorough Check Before You Engage A Dedicated Hosting Service

In the age when the internet is necessary for business, social contacts and everything and anything that you need to live a life of ease and comfort. Setting up a website of your own is easy, but what is difficult is to buy the services of a dedicated server host. However, it becomes easier, if […]

How To Choose Hosts Wisely?

When one needs to make his website accessible in every part of the world, he needs a host which makes it available to him all the time. The internet hosting services allow making a website of own and making it available through WWW. In this era of information, we do have tons of information available […]